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Fire Risk Assessment

Under changes to legislation ALL Fire Risk Assessments(FRA) must now be in writing. Failure to carry out a suitable and sufficient FRA and putting relevant persons at risk could result in a fine, imprisonment or both.

for all non-domestic properties, including public and commercial premises and residential premises with communal areas.

Failure to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment and putting relevant persons at risk could result in a fine, imprisonment, or both. The fire risk assessment should be in writing if you employ five or more employees, although we highly recommend all FRAs are in writing to ensure you can provide suitable evidence that one has been carried out.

Your Fire Risk Assessment

Grosvenor Fire Safety Consultants will liaise with you, the client, direct to see what is a best day/time to suit you and, if necessary, we may be able to conduct urgent fire risk assessments at short notice e.g. with regards to any pending local authority inspection or where Prohibition, Enforcement or Alteration notices may have been issued.

Prior to the assessment we will send you a reminder and, If you have it, you should have any fire safety documentation available for inspection by the consultant, (don’t worry if you don’t, this will be highlighted in the risk assessment for you to complete if required). This is by no means an exhaustive list of documentation required for review by the consultant and, ultimately by the Regulatory Authorities:

  • Fire Safety Policy and Evacuation Procedures

  • Any documentation sent from Fire Authorities

  • Provide Site-specific Fire Logbooks (to include Test  records for Fire Alarm, emergency lighting, extinguishers and any other fire safety provision such as Sprinklers, Rising Mains, Smoke control systems, if applicable. 

  • Servicing/Maintenance Records (Emergency lighting, fire alarm system, Gas installation, NIC electrical certification.

  • Provide Site-specific Compliance certificate book/s, e.g. annual certificates for gas, electric, PAT, Solar, Lightning protection and kitchen and laundry ducts/vents, Air con’, Lifts,  etc.

  • General checks and records for fire doors, exits and routes etc.

  • The previous FRA, if available.

  • Training and drill/evacuation records

On the day of the FRA the Grosvenor Fire Safety Consultant will arrive at your premises at the arranged time and introduce himself to the ‘Responsible Person’ or person in control of the premises risk reduction process, please ensure the person assisting the fire safety consultant i.e. Maintenance Manager (or other representative) is available for the full duration of the Assessment.

The Consultant will spend some time asking a few questions and reviewing any fire related documents you may have  and conduct a comprehensive assessment of your premises covering all areas.  Photographs and notes will be taken via a handheld device to record all risks and hazards to persons occupying the building that the assessor identifies.  The audit/inspection for the fire risk assessment element can take number of hours dependent on the size of the premises and could involve inspection of any roof spaces, every room, fire door, store and cupboard, so ensure steps/ladders and necessary keys/codes are available. On completion of the assessment the Consultant will provide initial feedback on their findings prior to leaving and compiling your full report.

We ask our clients to make full payment before any documentation is sent out.  When payment is received your documentation will be emailed to you as soon as is possible from the date of payment. If urgent, it may be possible for our Consultant to provide a report to you on the same day or within a couple of days of when the risk assessment was conducted dependent on the time taken, size and complexity of the assessment.

Grosvenor Fire Safety Consultants will provide ongoing advice, support and recommendations, as is required and also liaise with your local fire authority with regards to any Prohibition, Enforcement or Alteration notices that may have been issued, if requested and authorised.

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