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Our Services

Grosvenor Fire Safety Consultants carry out Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Strategies (pre/post construction)

We do not sell or up sell any fire related equipment as we would not want to compromise our recommendations based on an ability to provide you with additional services or equipment. 


What We Do


We will always “assess the level of risk”, obvious as it may seem but many FRA companies or inexperienced assessors can be ‘risk averse’ and may require you to bring your fire safety provision up to current standards or recommend additional fire door surveys, compartmentation surveys or additional firefighting equipment, signage etc which will all add to your final costs but are not always necessary. This is not always the case and we always aim to minimise costs providing recommendations that are proportionate to the level of risk and only provide recommendations for what is required to ensure your fire safety provision is suitable and sufficiently complies with fire safety regulations.


We'll also email you a free Logbook and send you an annual reminder to review your Fire Risk Assessment ensuring you to remain compliant with fire safety regulations. We will include a quote should you wish us to review your Fire Risk Assessment.

We are equipped to provide Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Safety Strategies

for any commercial premises and residential buildings where the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies, such as:

  • Nursing/Care Homes and children’s homes

  • Medical Establishments - From hospitals and veterinary clinics to dental practices

  • Flats, HMOs, landlords, and residential properties with communal areas

  • Factories, Offices and Shops

  • Educational Establishments - Learning spaces, Schools and colleges

  • Charities and Places of Worship

  • Theatres, Cinemas, Restaurants and licensed premises

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